Evaluate Mystery Shopper !

Evaluate Mystery Shopper !

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Hi, Thank you for visiting Evaluate Indonesia to join our mystery shopper team and gain benefits including additional revenue potential. 

Previously we wanted to introduce Evaluate. Evaluate is a company that operates as Mystery Shopping Provider and has been a member of MSPA (Mystery Shopping Provider Association). We help our clients from different industries to ensure that the service delivered to customers is in line with the company’s strategy and expectations through mystery shopping method. In mystery shopping method, we cooperate with independent mystery shopper as our partner in the field.

Mystery Shopper is a freelance contractor who works anonymously and acts as a regular customer. Mystery Shopper will be in charge of evaluating the business services of our clients based on the experience gained through visits, phone calls or online assessments.

Benefits of being our Mystery Shopper:

  • Fun job.
  • Means of distributing your shopping hobby.
  • Flexible working time.
  • Different excitement in every task.
  • Increase your sense of Customer Excellence.
  • Additional income potential.
  • Free potential of buying your favorite products.
  • Potential Free Eating / Drinking at your favorite restaurant.
  • Potential free stay at your favorite Hotel.

Let’s join our mystery shopper by clicking the REGISTRATION link