Mystery Shopping: Shop for Free and Get Paid!

Mystery Shopping: Shop for Free and Get Paid!

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Excellent business certainly knows that customer satisfaction is a primary factor for success. This knowledge enforces company to develop a service excellence strategy in order to pamper the customer.

To measure the SOP executed properly or not, a company should conduct a regular assessment. From the various form of existing assessments today, we believe that mystery shopping is one of the smart and effective ways. With the more companies using this method nowadays, the needs of the mystery shopper surely follow to increase.


Basically, mystery shopper is someone hired by a company to discreetly observe the company, in order to find out and evaluate its service quality and physical condition based on the customer point of view.

As a job, mystery shopper is really fun. This is the only job where you can shop for free and get paid! You can also keep and enjoy the product you’ve purchased. Moreover, any expenses related to the shopping (i.e. transportation cost) will be reimbursed by the company.

Not only fun, the mystery shopper is also a challenging job, just like a spy. A mystery shopper conducts a visit to the targeted place and acts as a regular customer, but with a certain mission. The mission is to visit, shop, and enjoy the facilities while thoroughly observe the overall condition of the place they visited. Following this observation, the results will be submitted as a detail report to the company, for evaluation.

While running the mission, the mystery shopper will act like a regular customer and maybe running through certain scenarios to find out how staff would handle the unexpected situation (such as: asking for inquiries, asking for help, purchasing the products). The whole thing should be done naturally so that no one realizes that the customer is a mystery shopper. A mystery shopper must be well-trained and has a great memory so they’ll always calm, thorough, and detail while doing the mission.

Surely, mystery shopper is a good and fun option for a job today. Especially for people who love challenges. So, let’s join as a mystery shopper and enjoy the fun of getting paid for shopping, spending the night at a hotel, eating in the fancy restaurant, even flying for free!

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