Why Is Excellent Service Very Important for Your Business?

Why Is Excellent Service Very Important for Your Business?

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We all surely familiar with the jargon “customer is king”. It clearly describes how important the customer for a brand. Customer who’s in love and satisfied with a brand will automatically make the brand developed. As we can see, the brand like Hilton Hotel, Apple, and Garuda Indonesia are always success being the best among its industries because they offer the most pampering customer service.

Daymond John (American businessman and motivator) mentioned 5 interesting points on his website. This explanation will convince you that the customer service is the most important thing in your business.

1. Building trust

Basically, customers only need to find one small mistake to hate a brand. Yet, they need one positive impression of experience to finally like and loyal to a brand. By applying an excellent service, customer will be encouraged to trust your brand and then finally be loyal too.

2. More than just a price matter

Customers today are much more concern with a great service over a good product. No matter how amazing your product quality is, customers will think twice to reuse it if the brand gives them bad service. On the other hand, customers confess that they are willing to pay more when they’re treated very well.

3. Gaining brand awareness

People tend to share their experience to their relatives. This word of mouth (WOM) gives you the stronger marketing effect more than any other campaigns you’ve held, simply because people tend to trust fellow customers more. The service excellence ensures the customers to have positive experience so they will talk and promote your brand to the others, even when you’re not asking them to. As the result, you gain more brand awareness, more people attracted to try your product, and finally you get a good reputation.

4. Reducing the problem

Problem is unavoidable. But always remember that problem won’t ruin your business when you have an excellent service strategy. The service excellence helps you to always ready and know the way to response the customers’ complaint. The customers surely feel cared if you are willing to respond and give their problem a good solution. Instead of wary, the customer will respect you more for that responsibility.

5. Appealing to customer

Service excellence helps you find out the customers’ needs and wants in detail. Thereby, a customer may feel that you appreciate them and treat them as human, not just a number.

By relying on those reasons, we can conclude that customers are the most vocal and credible figure to evaluate a brand. In order to develop the brand, we need a loyal customer more than just a buyer. So, show them your excellent customer service; not just a good one!

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