If you want to make sure someone understand your message, what will you do? Repeat what you’ve said. If you want to make sure the truth about something, what will you do? Ask again. If you want to capable in doing something rightly, what will you do? Exercise again and again

Those three simple examples prove the power of repetition. Doing something more than once ensure us to get the more satisfying result. Lighthouse website even obviously said that “The power of repetition is any leader’s best friend”.

If you want to successfully satisfy your customer, don’t perform the mystery shopping only once. Otherwise, do this program regularly, at least once in a few months.

The main objective of repeating mystery shopping is to ensure the consistency. You need a thorough and steady assessment to ensure your strategy performance is always on track, since the customer service strategy is a long-term process.

The first mystery shopping will tell you the true nature of your customer service strategy’s performance. You will find out some important things, like; Do the employees treat the customers well? Are the existing SOP obeyed by the employees? The report from the first attempt will really help you in making a corrective plan as needed; such as training, counseling, reviewing the strategy, and so on.

On the next mystery shopping, you’ll be able to check the consistency of your employees’ performance towards a different shopper. Mystery shopping helps you to evaluate whether the corrective plan (that you took based on the result of the first shopping) is doing well and showing a result as expected or not.

On the other hand, performing mystery shopping for more than once also ensures you to collect the more accurate data, which might be missed or bias on the former visit. By all this, the observation result will definitely have the higher validation.

So, if you ask is that enough to perform mystery shopping once? The answer is undoubted NO. Mystery shopping has to be performed regularly to guarantee the research showing the accurate and effective result so the company could reach both the short-term and long-term goals.

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