Mystery Shopping for More Benefits & Profit

Mystery Shopping for More Benefits & Profit

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As a business strategy, there are pretty much pros and cons about mystery shopping. One of the most common stigmas that you’ve probably heard is that the mystery shopping is thought as a way to find your employees’ fault.

Actually, if you look deeper to the concept of mystery shopping, you might agree to say that this strategy gives you more benefits, even for the employees. Therefore, we are about to ask you to understand the right concept of mystery shopping.

Basically, the right implementation of mystery shopping will encourage employees integrity. Mystery shopping is able to evaluate the true nature of your employees’ performance, and then compare it to the established customer service strategy of your company.

As the result, you can use the observation report from the mystery shopping as a useful material to evaluate the quality of your customer service. This result may show you who deliver the service and work performance above the average, and vice versa.

Being more comprehensive, the observation result is later used as an evaluation material to identify the real problem. You might realize that the source of your problem didn’t come from under-motivated employees, but actually because of the strategy that’s not suitable or hard to understand by the employees.

When you finally find the problem, then you can create a perfect solution. Instead of suddenly firing your employees, you can find more options of focused solution provided by mystery shopping. Let say incentive/reward for the good performance employees and warning/counseling for the underperformance employees. The other option may be training, rework the strategy, and more.

The point is mystery shopping can be implemented to maximize and refining the quality of customer service. Here, the result actually used not to seek the subject who do wrong but to find the problem so you can make the perfect solution. As the result, you can build the network of employees who integrated towards themselves and the company. In the end, your brand will gain more recognition and likes among the customers because of your service excellence!

“Well-trained employees are satisfied employees, and happy employees increase customer satisfaction” – Kevin Leifer (Stella Service)

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