Mystery Shopping intends to make sure the execution of the company’s customer service strategy runs really well according to the plan and the company’s goals. It’s simply because the good strategy concept will be worthless when the execution is bad.

The important thing you need to remember is that the effectiveness of the research and evaluation is also determined by its data quality. Data consists of information that gives knowledge to the user. It doesn’t matter how good the research scenario you’ve built, if the quality of the collected data from the research is bad, it is much more worthless. Do you really want to swallow big disappointment because the results are unusable, while you already spent a big amount of money to hold the research?

Mystery shopping has a long and complex process. While implementing this method, certainly there are some unpredictable conditions. Accordingly, Evaluate Indonesia usually validate the data comprehensively to make sure the data quality. This validation is run by the experts within 8-year experience on the field while getting support by the advanced technology tools.

The data processing on Evaluate’s business mechanism consist of several steps. The first step is initiated by gathering the result data from mystery shopping, including the evidence of the shopper visit. Next, the gathered data will pass the validation process, where the whole data from the shopper will be checked and compared one to another in order to assess the accuracy, consistency, objectivity, and the truth.

If the data is proven to be valid, the next step is where the team will conduct the analysis to find the core information. Otherwise, the data gathering process will be repeated if the data is considered not valid.

Furthermore, the core information is going to be processed into a valuable report, according to the client’s need. The report itself must comply the value of understandable, complete, detail, and meet the goals. Finally, the report will be used as the client’s evaluation material so they can formulate the right solution in order to reach the goals.

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