5 Focus of Mystery Shopping Services

5 Focus of Mystery Shopping Services

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Every company basically has different goals. As the consequence, mystery shopping service should be available in various kinds, referring to the needs of each client.

You already knew the general concept of mystery shopping, thus this time you’ll have to understand deeper about the variety of mystery shopping services. Evaluate Indonesia primarily offers mystery shopping on 5 focus of services, mentioning:

  1. Customer Experience Evaluation ; Every company has distinct customer service strategy. Mystery shopping is specifically about finding out the experience felt by the customers based on how the company runs their strategy. Does the company run the strategy well? What does the customer feel while experiencing it? Does the strategy successfully pamper the customer?
  2. Competitor Evaluation ; Sunny Chawla (marketing manager of SeoCompanyExperts) said that the competition which forces the company to move forward, hence it’s important for the company to evaluate the competitor. Mystery shopping can be conducted to observe your competitor. In this case, mystery shopping is performed on the competitor company to find out their strength, weakness, and characteristic. As the result, you can identify the right strategy to win the competition.
  3. Compliance Evaluation ; Mystery shopping can be guided to observe the level of employees’ compliance towards the rules and strategy made by the company. The result will show you on how good the employees complying your SOP, what did they miss, also the possibility of why they can’t do it well.
  4. Incentive/Reward Evaluation ; Incentive/reward is a very good way to motivate your employee that shows the best performance. Mystery shopping is existed to observe the true nature of your employees’ performance causing you to be able to decide who deserves the incentive/reward. 5. Corporate Governance Evaluation Governance corporate are expected in giving the best service to the public. Therefore, mystery shopping can be used significantly to monitor and enforce the important standards and rules of the governance; in order to reach the corporate culture that capable in serving the society well.

To conduct the business research or assesment, you can choose only one service from those options; or else the whole services at once for the more comprehensive evaluation. It’s suggested to discuss your problem to Evaluate Indonesia first, in order to find the most suitable service you need.

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