Getting to Know Evaluate to Reach the Customer Service Excellence

Getting to Know Evaluate to Reach the Customer Service Excellence

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Business is all about service because it interacts with various customers every day. The success of this interaction really depends on the service that company offers to its customers.

No business likes to get bad image as no customer willing to give good image to business with poor services. Therefore, any business that wants to be succeed have to build the best service strategy to maintain their intimacy with customers.

Welcome to video profile of Evaluate Indonesia. The name of this company perfectly describes our passion in assuring every company is competent to deliver their best service towards their valuable customers. In order to reach that state, we always strive to find the true voices of the customers and evaluate the true nature of your business.

Take a look on our profile video for further understanding about what we do and how we do it.

Evaluate Indonesia has a firm commitment in delivering the comprehensive services to build the customer service excellence strategy. Our top services are Mystery Shopping, Research, Training, etc.

In giving the best services, Evaluate Indonesia empowers the super team with over 8-years experience on various industries. We implement structured, neat, and focus work mechanism, supported by high-end technology to deliver the real-time services in online base.

Evaluate Indonesia is officially registered as the member of MSPA Asia-Pacific (Mystery Shopping Professionals Association Asia-Pacific). This credibility encourages us to always provide and deliver the best services and reports. Moreover, we implement the highest standard while selecting and training our shoppers to ensure their competency.

Until today, Evaluate Indonesia has been supporting a lot of companies that come from various industries, to improve their service quality. Some of our main clients come from F&B industry, banking, automotive, hospitality, fashion, and more.