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The Key to Understanding Your Customer

Just like any couple, the company has to build and maintain good relationship with its customers through the customer experience. More than 50% of that experience depends on how the customer feels they are being treated (McKinsey). The management consultant firm – Bain & Company did a survey towards 362 companies in 2005. The result…

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What Is Mystery Shopper ? (Shopper Radio Sharing)

Hi …. A few days ago one of our Shopper (let’s call her  “Dhany” ) sharing about “Mystery Shopper” … Well for you who wants to know What is Mystery Shopper and How fun to be a Shopper .. … let’s listen her share on 95.1 KIS FM Jakarta. For anyone who want to ask…

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Getting to Know Evaluate to Reach the Customer Service Excellence

Business is all about service because it interacts with various customers every day. The success of this interaction really depends on the service that company offers to its customers. No business likes to get bad image as no customer willing to give good image to business with poor services. Therefore, any business that wants to…

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7 Essential Skills of the Excellent Customer Service

Customer service has a very strong impact for a business. Pepper Rogers & Group saying that 81% companies with strong capability and competency for delivering the service excellence will outperform the competition. But, it’s not easy to accomplish that. Business leaders have been racing to find the right formula to create an excellent service team.…

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Is It Effective to Respond the Customer’s Complaint with “Sorry”?

When all the customer service representatives (CS Reps.) are trained to always prioritize the word “sorry” whenever the customer is complaining, this article confidently suggests you to stop doing that. Before you get confused by this writing, let’s understand deeper the context of “sorry”. “Sorry” is a regret statement against the mistake, that should be…

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We’re Hiring

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The Principal Rules to be An Expert Mystery Shopper

As explained before, mystery shopper is a challenging job. As a profession, mystery shopper has a specific qualification that means not everyone can do it right. This job is not suitable for them who’s just love shopping. A great mystery shopper is the dutiful one. It means, the shopper fully understand the rule/direction, scenario, and…

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Happy Fasting Ramadan 1439 H

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5 Focus of Mystery Shopping Services

Every company basically has different goals. As the consequence, mystery shopping service should be available in various kinds, referring to the needs of each client. You already knew the general concept of mystery shopping, thus this time you’ll have to understand deeper about the variety of mystery shopping services. Evaluate Indonesia primarily offers mystery shopping…