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Human Resources is the most valuable asset for a company, organization, even for a country. We are fully aware, that one of the way that can be done to improve the quality of human resources is through education includes training. To improve the quality of human resources, many companies and organizations invest on training programs. But after training, there are many employees are still working in their old ineffective way. In other words, there is no significant improvement resulted by the training. This issue mostly occur because the company and training provider did not see a training as a holistic process. Actually, an investment on a training program can be easily break-even if:

  • The training program is fit with the company or employee needs.
  • Training method is executed properly by the training provider.
  • There is high support and commitment from company’s higher management.
  • There is a good Post-Training program by training provider.

Training is a long term investment, the result sometimes may not be seen instantly, but it’s a very profitable for both company and employees. Here in Evaluate, we believe in holistic training approach to obtain maximum profitability for our clients. Thus, beside of our highly experience professional trainers and consultants, below is the sequence of our holistic training approach :

  • Training Need Analysis
  • Internal & External Research Before Training
  • Management Debrief Meeting After Research
  • Training Day
  • Management Debrief Meeting After Training
  • Skills Application Workshop & Evaluation
  • Management Debrief Meeting After Skills Application Workshop & Evaluation
  • Personal Assessment
  • Standardized Operational Procedure From Action Plans
  • Post-Training Consultancy Services

Our Professional Trainer & Consultant

Erna Dharma

Erna Dharma is highly qualified Human Resources Development consultant with more than 23 years’ experience and until now she is still an advisor in several companies including for Jakarta Regional Metropilitan Police (Polda Metro Jaya). Erna obtain a Certified Professional Trainer from Mercuri International Academy, a Sweden based HR Consultant. Erna is an expert for several soft skills development program such as Character Building, Customer Service Excellence, Selling Skills, Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills, Leadership, Training of Trainers and many more.

“I believe that Human resources has unlimited potential and can be developed and optimized to unleash other potentials, such as the potential of natural resources and potential of business. That is why I am very passionate in helping people to improve their personal soft skills.”

Three Speakers

Three Speakers are Bayu Oktara, Hilbram Dunar and Uli Herdi. They are well experienced public speaking practitioners with different backgrounds, personalities and expertise. We sets the module and curriculum needed to improve the ability to communicate, effectively and relevant, in order to have a common understanding of personal communication literacy in accordance with the spirit of our mission “INDONESIA JAGO BICARA”.

  • HILBRAM DUNAR (@HilbramDunar) Radio Host, Professional MC, Public Speaker, Communication Trainer and Author of “My Public Speaking”, “Plastic Heaven” and “Main Hati” published by Gramedia Jakarta.
  • ULI HERDINANSYAH (@uliherdinansyah) has well experienced as TV & Radio Host, Professional MC, Public Speaker, Actor, Stage Manager and Copywriter of “Jakarta Love Riot” & “Kabaret Oriental” by EKI Dance Company.
  • BAYU OKTARA (@bayuoktara) has well experienced as TV & Radio Host, Professional MC, Voice Over Talent, Public Speaker, Creative team of some radio & TV Show, Copywriter of some commercials, and Corporate Communication of Kartuku.

We believe that good communication skill provides a powerful impact to succeed and change people’s life. That’s the reason why we collaborate as one team on one stage together to give our expertise in communication with a multimedia and entertaining performance.

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